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Become a PCO

Often called the most powerful elected office in the land, the election of the PCO truly depends upon grass-roots activity.  PCO candidates must file with the county elections department. The PCO is elected by voters who declare themselves to be a Republican in the August primary election.

Directly representing the Republicans in their precinct, the PCO elects all of the Republican leadership in their respective county.  The office of PCO can be as powerful as the PCO wishes to make it.  If they make an effort to contact other Republicans in their precinct and stay in touch with their elected representatives, the office of PCO becomes the sounding board of the people.

How is a  PCO elected?

Each precinct formally elects a PCO every two years on the same ballot as congressmen. They also go through the same primary process.

If a PCO candidate runs unopposed in the Primary then they are determined “elected.” If a precinct is left vacant the chairman of the party may appoint one. An appointed PCO has all the same rights, but may not vote in the reorganization meeting held every two years to elect officers (see below). There are often vacancies.

Something to Remember

PCOs are also a central part of their local Republican organization. They elect Party leadership, help fill vacancies in elected office, and lead their precinct caucus every two years. Becoming active with your local party organization will make you a more effective and resourceful PCO.

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